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Support District Growth

Leander ISD must meet the needs of all students

As our district rapidly expands, we must secure the building of new schools and to make sure that we are meeting the needs of our increasingly diverse community.


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Trish Bode
for Place 1

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"A bright future for all of our students requires intentional focus, a knowledge of the environment, and a focus on the big rocks that need to be moved to clear a path for students of #1LISD"


Dr. Gloria Gonzalez-Dholakia
for Place 2

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"Our community is centered on our schools and we all must invest in our future - our students"


Sade Fashokun
for Place 5

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"I believe an excellent public education is key to unlocking opportunity for all and necessary for building a great community!"


Francesca Romans
for Place 6

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"Education. Everybody. Everybody has a right to a high-quality education. Every person who walks in our buildings should feel safe and welcome, from students to employees to volunteers."

 Our Opponents

State and local politicians have actively divided and distracted us to deny the resources our schools, families and community need. They have blocked the funding of our classrooms and are running for school board, not to continue the growth in our amazing district, but to dismantle it. 

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