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All In LISD Political Action Committee Launched in Leander, Texas


Updated: March 24, 2022

Local Single Issue, Non-Partisan Group Seeks to Mobilize Voters on School Issues Ahead of November Elections

Leander, March 25, 2022 - Supporters of All in LISD announced the official launch of their political action committee (PAC) on March 24, 2022, at the Leander Independent School District board meeting held in the Leo Conference Center.

Leander schools started with a little log building in 1855, with one room and one teacher. Parents paid what they could afford, and the community kept the schools going. In the 80s, an 8-million-dollar bond was passed to create Leander High School, which housed 1200 students. Today, LISD has over 41,000 students and 45 diverse schools. In addition, the district employs over 5,300 professionals who improve the lives of children every day. As a result, kids participate in many academic and athletic activities, creating well-rounded individuals.

Leander ISD nourishes future leaders and lifelong relationships that create strong communities. Students, families, and teachers join together to cultivate the next generation of incredible Americans.

As a group of parents, educators, and students, All In LISD believes public education is central to the community. Leander ISD provides an exceptional educational experience and contributes to the economic development of the greater Leander area. Our children should continue to have a school district that gives them the freedom to learn and pursue their dreams. LISD Students deserve an accurate and honest education, no matter their background. Working together, the possibilities are endless.

Through grassroots, All In LISD involves community members in the political process of promoting candidates, actions, and policies that support Leander ISD. By speaking up and voting to fund our schools fully, we can ensure that all our children have the quality education they deserve.

All in LISD believes public education is central to the community. In November, there are some key issues that All in LISD will be supporting:

  • Adequately fund our district to meet the growing needs of our community and allow students to go to their neighborhood schools.

  • Restore local control to our district so that educators can focus on meeting the needs of their students.

  • Support our teachers and staff to have the pay, benefits, and quality of life to make our district competitive in this challenging economy.

Opponents of LISD schools have actively divided and distracted the public to deny the resources schools and families need. These opponents have blocked funding to classrooms and will run for school board, not to continue the growth in this amazing district, but to dismantle it. And while these opponents work to control the political narrative surrounding LISD schools, educators and professionals have continued to work in some of the most trying of times to deliver a quality education to all children.

The future is brighter when the community strengthens and protects the education for all children in Leander ISD, which includes the most gifted and the most vulnerable. Leander Independent Schools can continue to be a fantastic district while still embracing its growth. Please support the education initiatives and leaders that serve All In LISD.

More information, All in LISD can be found on their website

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