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God made a teacher...

It has been two years since I made this video.

At the time, we were in the throes of COVID-19. School had gone 100% virtual for the rest of the year, and we were getting to the end of the school calendar. The nation was on the brink of crisis, and teachers were declared “essential.”

Looking back at these times reminds me of how crucial public education is to the core of America. But it also reminds me how the people we see as essential are easily seen as disposable when it becomes politically convenient.

I looked up to many of the educators in this video. Some of them, unfortunately, do not teach anymore. Yet, all of them made a difference in the lives of children.

As you listen to this video this first week of May, I humbly ask that we put politics aside and make the decisions in our district that reflect our values. That the people we entrust with the education of our children, our teachers, be respected in the manner in which we know them to be… Essential.

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