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I am all in for Knowles Elementary

Did you know that Knowles Elementary was named after the former Leander ISD teacher and school board member Patricia Faye Knowles. It currently houses about 600 elementary school students. These students otherwise call themselves the Knowles Wranglers. Their principal is Yvette Venegas. To find out more about Knowles Elementary visit their webpage.

Knowles was recently highlighted in the Leander ISD Campus Connections, which showcases all the great things going on in Knowles elementary. Check out the fabulous library! These students are reading their favorite fantasy, action, and non-fiction books. This reading has also helped with their writing skills in the classroom. Knowles has partnered with Apple’s Community Education Initiative, to help them build essential critical thinking skills, collaboration and even practice coding! Failing forward is learning that you don’t make mistakes but you get closer to success the next time. Knowles Ambassadors are student leaders that show new children their way through school which is an excellent way to demonstrate kindness. Wranglers were learning their STEAM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) skills through inquiry and exploration. In collaboration with Thinkery, educators are bringing a fun, play-based exploration approach to learning. Using hubs, teachers are collaborating and finding new approaches to maximize teaching and education.

The partnerships for learning at Knowles Elementary are one of a kind and something you will only find at Leander ISD. That is why I am #allinlisd!

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