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It Takes a Village: The Power of Volunteers

Volunteerism is what makes Leander ISD special

Leander ISD has an awesome community that loves to volunteer in support of our schools. From program boosters and field trip chaperones to PTA members that help advocate for all students, our volunteers in LISD help to create a plethora of rewarding and memorable experiences for our students. Here is a list of volunteerism that goes on in Leander ISD and links to find out more information.

Parents and community members frequently come together to support our schools. Volunteers helped the Leander ISD Children Nutrition Services provide meals to children during the omicron spike (Community Impact Article). Many of our extracurricular programs, like athletics and fine arts, have boosters where parents work hard to raise money for organizations so that students can attend competitions, use necessary supplies, and function to the best of their abilities. Additionally, campuses have PTSAs, where family and community members come together with students and parents to assess what students and teachers need at the campus level and support those needs. Even beyond all of these volunteer organizations, many campuses have their own groups of parents and community members who provide treats for teachers or who volunteer to work on campuses to help put on special events for students and staff.

We truly live in such a generous and compassionate community, and our abundance of volunteers shows that giving spirit. To find out how you can volunteer please visit the Leander ISD Webpage for Volunteers.

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