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Special Programs and Services: Helping all Students

The Special Programs and Services department has a large number of resources available for children from elementary to high school. This program really emphasizes the collaboration between students, families, staff and the community. It focuses on the individual student and allows them to have their voice and choice in the educational process. These programs are individualized to the child’s needs in order to provide the life skills they need to be independent and successful. Please see the following video, which describes what the Special Programs and Services department is all about. It takes a village to raise a child, and this is exemplified in the Special Programs and Services department.

“Through collaboration with our students, families, staff, and community, the Special Programs & Services department will support each and every student on their path to a meaningful future by celebrating individual strengths, honoring voice and choice, and building independence (from Special Programs and Services).”

Take for instance Michele’s experience with Special Education, an important part of the Special Programs and Services department.

Special Education helped with her kids’ education. She really saw the value and the difference these programs made for her kids. She saw her shy, reserved child bloom and grow. They have transformed from being scared to ask for help to advocating for their needs. With a collaborative effort including Special Education services and Educators, Instructional Assistant, and support staff, her child is successfully tackling Advanced English in high school and her children are now involved in extracurriculars. The team identified her children’s needs to seek the best path and meet those needs. Most importantly, this team helped her children articulate their strengths and use them to achieve success. It is such a powerful story and couldn’t have been done without Leander ISD’s Special Programs and Services Department.

Another parent said that the Leander ISD Special Education program helped her 5th grader who had an undiagnosed hearing issue get the vital medical care he needed. It was so wonderful to hear that he is now thriving in school with his new hearing aid and additional supports.

“Having worked in other districts, I see the differences in our services and others. Our students receiving services are experiencing success and school in the ways that work best for them. This holds true to all levels of Special Education Services, from ICAP (Individual Community Academic Program) to minimal support – our teams are amazing.”

- Michele Reed

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